NFO/Air Courier

ProCourier provides document and package delivery throughout California and the United States. Through exclusive contracts with major airline carriers and industry associations, we are able to guarantee desk-to-desk delivery without deadline restrictions common to independent air package and cargo companies. Whether we are picking up documents at 2pm or 2am, ProCourier partners with all major airline flight schedules to ensure the most expedited delivery available, sometimes delivering packages hours before traditional scheduled services. And by coordinating airport arrival times with local courier affiliates, we can ensure the same immediate, secure hand delivery. We provide that recipient verification is communicated automatically, as soon as a package is delivered and signed for.

The ProCourier air courier department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and equipped to handle any size and variety of package and freight from envelopes to client inter-office pouches. Our non-consolidation policy ensures that air courier packages receive the same special handling we attribute to every delivery we make and that the same dedicated staff ensures its safe arrival.

When every second counts…“Call the Pro!”